Department of Energy (ARPA-E)

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Energy Efficiency
• Employee Attraction & Retention
• Budget


Energy Managers
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Private Offices
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Conference & Training Rooms

The Department of Energy’s Advanced Project Research Agency-Energy, or ARPA-E, was established in 2007, in order to fund research and development of alternative energy technologies in the United States.  Their goal is to bring the U.S. back to the forefront of scientific leadership in the energy sector.  It is no surprise then, that they wanted their office space to reflect that goal; a new interior and furniture paradigm that brings together their message of energy efficiency and their need to attract and retain young, technology savvy employees.

The re|DISTRICT team, along with Booz Allen Hamilton, faced the challenge head-on.  The office required 120 open plan workstations, 50 private offices, and multiple conference and training rooms to be furnished.  Because of ARPA-E’s purpose, the next thing to address was the energy efficiency of the new office layout.  An energy manager proved the perfect product for the job.  The energy manager attached to systems furniture to save electrical energy by controlling two of the four power circuits in a workstation cluster.  When a person sits down at one of the desks, occupancy sensors on the manager detect their presence, and turn on the devices in the cluster that are plugged into the two circuits.  When the person leaves, the devices are automatically switched off.  This saves a great deal of electrical energy from day one of installation.  The two non-controlled circuits allow items that must remain on to do so, so there really is no drawback.  All workstations were outfitted with the energy managers.

The project kit of parts was a very complex one, and the development and budgeting of furniture took nearly two years to complete.  re|DISTRICT’s Packaged Office Contract was critical to the customer’s procurement strategy; without it, the project could not have come to fruition.


Together, re|DISTRICT and ARPA-E were able to create a space that actually furthers the mission of ARPA-E, a space that saves energy and still functions at the highest possible level, attracting the best talent in the industry.

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