Department of Homeland Security

Workplace Issues:
• New construction
• Expansive storage requirements
• Match existing products

• Space planning 
• Mobile training tables

• Training rooms 
• Private Offices 
• Open Offices 
• Conference rooms 
• Touch Down Spaces 
• Lounge Furniture 
• Lunch Room

The Department of Homeland Security’s self-proclaimed mission is to secure the United States from the many threats it faces.  Their goal, keeping America safe, requires a large number of employees and a high level of security and training.  The DHS facilities must be held to the highest standards, and their new training facility was no exception.

DHS needed a new space for employee training.  Their new two-floor area came with a few challenges; limited space with expansive storage requirements, and some existing product that would need to be matched.  re|DISTRICT was able to offer outstanding solutions to all of DHS’ problems.

Workstations with about face work surfaces were used, in addition to smaller, more complex storage units to best fit the space, working around columns throughout the area.  Light colors and contemporary design were utilized to keep the space feeling open and bright.  Because it is a training facility, mobile training tables were matched to existing product, creating a versatile and aesthetically pleasing environment.  To handle high security-level training, a training room was created where secure wiring and low panels, combined with an open office plan, allowed students to easily see the teacher, and the above-mounted dual monitors while still having adequate workspace.  Completed in fall 2012, the Department of Homeland Security’s training facility continues to add product to its two floors of space.  re|DISTRICT will continue to work with them to maximize their use of the space, while maintaining their strict standards of security.

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